Why "Click and Learn"?

It’s tempting to try to pin down one “perfect” way of learning. Everyone’s approach to learning is based on a complex mix of strengths and preferences. And we absorb and apply new concepts, skills and information in different ways at different times.

So, however helpful it would be to find out how each of us does it “best,” there are many reasons why even asking the question is far from straightforward.

After all, how we learn depends a great deal on what we’re learning. And our preferred learning techniques might not, in fact, be the most useful. Despite this, many scientists, psychologists and education experts have tried to identify distinct, innate “learning styles.“

The Burt Click and learn series of  has tried to present resources that would appeal to  all 3 learning styles by offering visual learning  opportunities through videos, diagrams and pictures.  The auditory learner can benefit from the teaching videos  and the kinaesthetic learner from clicking and doing.  Above all  there is an emphasis on repetition and embedding of the basic facts particularly in GCSE subjects.