K1: 03 – Burt Reading Scheme Module 4


This module caters for pupils who have a basic understanding of the sounds of the alphabet and are able to blend and read CVC words. The pupil will have successfully covered the work of module 3 and is now ready to extend their reading ability. Their decoding skills are developing well and they have a good knowledge of all the sounds of the alphabet as well as combination sounds such as CH ST etc.

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The module consists of 130 worksheets covering the following topics:

• There are plentiful opportunities for reading the words learned in sentences, stories and comprehension exercises.

• Vowel digraphs/dipthongs/blends covered are OU OW (owl) OW (snow) OO OA EE EA OI OY

• 130 worksheets with full tutor instructions on each page represents approximately 20 – 30 hours of tutoring


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