This series of PowerPoint resources has been created to help a pupil who has missed lessons or does not understand a section of work. Instead of expensive private tutoring I have created a resource that makes use of the excellent tutoring videos available online in you tube. 

My personal pedagogical stance is that of planned repetition. “Planned repetition is one of the teaching skills that can be applied by teachers in a teaching and learning process. The essence of its application is to enhance mastery learning which results in deep learning, as a result of repetition of key points, illustrations and definitions which usually assists learners to recall these facts easily.(Gbarato and Mandah.” (2017)

Few pupils really know how to study and the many pupils I have tutored have enjoyed the structured scaffolding that these resources provide. Each resource consists of at least 25 slides giving frequent opportunities for consolidation of facts and opportunities for self assessment.

Reference: Gbrarato, O. and Mandah.N. (2017) Influence of Planned Repetition Skill on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Physics Students. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science22(3): 1-15, 2017; Article no.JESBS.29367. Available at:

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