All About Click and Learn

Burt Click and learn is a development of Burt Books which has had an online presence since 2010 offering teachers in school and at home quality resources. 

The resources have been written by Coreen Burt (M.Ed) and are a development of her own resources that she created over many years of teaching and tutoring both in South Africa and the UK.  

The newest development in the range are the Burt Click and Learn PowerPoint presentations of science and some other subjects. Children get so tired of endless worksheets and writing and for GCSE subjects, especially science, it is important to embed the facts so that questions can be answered effectively.  The topics in Burt Click and learn give ample opportunity to embed facts by giving a variety of revision opportunities and opportunities to assess knowledge of the facts presented.  

  1. This series is for secondary school pupils who need extra input beyond class lessons and homework but cannot attend extra lessons with a tutor.
  2. The series is also useful for schools to use in their inclusion centres and for pupils who have long term absences from school to keep up with their peers.


  3. The series is written by an experienced secondary school teacher, (Judith Burt, M. Ed)  and has been tested at a well-known tuition centre where students found it very useful because they could continue their revision beyond the tutoring session.
  4. The series is also useful for children who find it difficult to concentrate and are reluctant to do a lot of written revision work. The sessions are based on the pedagogy of DEEP LEARNING and fixing important facts  by repetition and scaffolding. The initial tasks are not too complex so that they do not invoke panic and there is a gradual movement from the simple tasks to the more complex. The workload volume is manageable and scaffolded.  Students are able to repeat a section until their self assessment indicates that the facts have been embedded. Instead of writing answers the pupil clicks to reveal the answer and they can repeat the assessment until they achieve 100% if they wish.